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UCVME is available on web and mobile, designed to make applying for jobs easier and more personal. Express yourself in more than just words with your customised multimedia CV. You can build your personalised CV from scratch or upload an existing one.

Develop your knowledge and improve your applications; show off your individuality, skills and achievements; and search and apply for your dream job.

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Features Overview

Upload or build your written CV

Use our free template or upload your own.

Create your multimedia CV

Add depth to your online profile with your video portfolio.

Keep everything secure

Keep your certificates and documentation safe.

Improve your job applications

Search for useful video and written content.

Psychometric testing

Unlimited access to verbal, numerical, and logical tests.

Search and apply for jobs

Apply for jobs with your unique UCVME profile.

Search and apply for jobs

Applying for jobs is easy and streamlined. You can search and apply online in a few easy steps, eliminating the stress and process of long applications. You can share your multimedia CV with potential employers via a unique URL or QR code, and apply for jobs within the app itself.

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